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Rohini Fernandes


Rohini is a canine behaviourist, professional dog trainer and a clinical psychologist. She has been working in this field of dog training since 2001. Rohini has worked with a wide variety of breeds and dealt with a variety of behaviour problems. From teaching toilet training, handling chewing issues, controlling aggression, working on dominance problems and destructive behaviours, she has trained dogs of all ages with her oldest dog client being 11 years old!

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Why train your pet?

Why train your pet?

Your dog is going to live with you for the next 12-15 years so you need to be able to control him anytime, anywhere. What better way to do that than to become your pet’s trainer! In my training sessions I teach you how to become your dog’s trainer.

Awards And Recognitions

Awards And Recognitions

Rohini was chosen for the Paragon 100 Fellowship (2009-2010) organized by The Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE). Rohini was part of 100 young outstanding social change makers and entrepreneurs chosen from the Asia Pacific region.


Training you to be your dog’s trainer.

PawfectPuppy Classes

Let your puppy start on the right paw by enrolling for PawfectPuppy Classes. The big question for a new pet parent is what age should I start training my baby?

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PawfectJunior Classes

Once your puppy has mastered the basic commands in his puppy classes you then move on to PawfectJunior Classes where you will be teaching your pet more advanced commands.

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PawfectSenior Classes

Senior Classes are specifically tailored to dogs six months and older with no previous training. These classes give your pet a solid foundation in basic and advanced obedience.

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Problem Paws

Problem Paws is for pet parents who want to solve their dog’s behaviour problems like aggression, excessive barking, and separation anxiety.

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Smarty Paws

If your dog is very energetic and always up to some mischief then you can channel this energy in a positive way through Smarty Paws.

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Healing Paws

If you are looking for a dog to help a child/adult with special needs then Healing Paws is what you need.

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Training you to be your dog's trainer.

Fur Fall

If you think Rapunzel didn't have hair fall, you're wrong! All of us have hair fall including our pets.

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Obesity and Pets

In a country of fast food and fast weight, it is not only the people who stand a risk of obesity but our pets as well.

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Success Stories

Making a difference.

650 Pets
1120 Parents
600 Happy Families


Happy families.

Skype Training Sessions

Rohini also provides consultation and training sessions over Skype now.

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